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In order to ensure the School/Group gets appropriate Donations from their Sponsors, the Punchcardmedia program must be used, and the Donation Punch must be redeemed by the Users at each qualifying visit.

The School/Group agrees to:
  • Allow use of any logos to First Class Values/Punchcardmedia.
  • Promote the Program to parents, faculty, and members of the community.
  • Add links for the program to the School’s/Group’s website.
  • Place promotional material where permitted about the program.

The Fundraiser Provider (First Class Values/Punchcardmedia) agrees to:
  • Provide supporting materials to parents, faculty, and staff of the school.
  • Create and maintain all Sponsor Loyalty Programs.
  • Notify all Sponsors of Donation Check amount(s) due to the School/Group.
  • Sign up local businesses as Sponsors.
  • Provide a website for parents, faculty, and members of the community, allowing them to view Sponsors.

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