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The advertiser agrees to contract the services of First Class Values to promote their loyalty program with Punchcardmedia and affiliated products. The service of Punchcardmedia includes access to the Punchcard loyalty program, the Social Rewards program, analytics reports, consumer sign-up webpage and mobile loyalty webpage, and a business listing on the Punchcardmedia website.

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The promotional benefits listed above DO NOT apply to this option. The Monthly Payment Option is available for only $50 per month.
This covers the cost of your loyalty punches. "Coupons" are available at an additional charge.

Terms & Conditions
Punchcardmedia collects and stores consumers’ information for the purpose of giving them Loyalty Reward punches and Coupons. That information is neither sold, nor available for transfer to our clients at any time.

In order for any changes to be made correctly and in a timely fashion, all clients must go through proper channels to alert us of any requested changes, as well as submit, in writing or online, the text for such changes. Punchcardmedia is not responsible for any technical errors or delays in the Service.

In the event that money duecannot be collected in the above manner, the advertiser’s Punchcardmedia program will be deactivated. A reconnection fee will be added. If no money has been collected within 30 days, the advertiser’s Punchcardmedia program will be deleted and all client and customer information will be lost. First Class Values is not responsible for any customer information lost due to insufficient payment.

The agreement may not be modified without the express written consent of First Class Values.

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